The Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) is a pre-engineered sewage treatment system utilizing submerged membrane technology. It combines membrane separation process with biological treatment of wastewater. The membrane separation process eliminates the conventional sedimentation tank and allows high volumetric loading, resulting in a smaller equipment area. The MBR can produce high quality effluent with high BOD5 removal, complete nitrification and partial de-nitrification and achieves virtually complete TSS removal. Its advantage includes:
- Provides high quality effluent suitable for recycle
- Reduces land requirement
- Lowers bio-sludge production

MBR is widely used in nowadays wastewater treatment and helpful to wastewater recovery process to get reusable effluent for our daily rinsing water. It is a plus to our environment protection.

Asian Tec’s MBR is custom designed item utilizing submerged membrane unit. We can meet your requirement request with our wastewater treatment expertise and full scope of technical service to help you protect the environment.

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