Asian Tec is professional in water treatment. The water source of the treatment plant is always different from different country or district area. It could come from raw supply such as surface water, underground water, seawater or it could come from treated city water supply, treated reusable water. Different water source and quality require different design of the treatment process, the selection of suitable material and component for the manufacturing of relative equipment. It is important to have a full understanding of the water source to design the treatment system and to meet the required product water quality for customer’s production purpose.

Also it is important to know the outlet water quality of each process unit during the operation of the water treatment system, as it is an important index for the monitoring of the performance and stability of each unit equipment.

Asian Tec provides professional, fast and accurate full water analysis service to our customer for long years. It brings customer and us important evidence of the parameter for system design, equipment selection, as well as system operation.


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